Is your website ready to WOW?

Try our 5-minute Spotlight Test to gauge user-friendliness and traffic-handling ability!

Technology changes every day. As a business owner, you know your website needs to keep up with those changes. Take our online quiz to:

  • Discover if your website can meet minimum user expectations
  • See if your website is capable of standing out from the noise online
  • Receive a customized report with recommendations you can use to immediately improve your website

Elevate your online success

Many business owners struggle to understand why their website isn’t acting as the central hub for their online marketing. There’s so much conflicting advice and information out there that tells us what we should or shouldn’t be doing, and it can be confusing and frustrating to try to get true value from the online “experts”.

Our Spotlight Test tool demonstrate the best possible results for your website – and give you an honest gauge for your website’s success.

Our Quiz is based on four simple but critical categories:

1. Customer Experience

A combination of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), this customized series of questions has an enormous impact on your website’s success.

2. Accessibility (aka Secret Sauce)

Design for the diverse abilities of your website visitors, and EVERY user benefits. This makes better UX, which makes a better world wide web for all of us.

3. Searchability

Searchability combines aspects of UX and several standard, modern features that search engines expect to find on your website.

4. Operability

“But Does it Work?” For the purposes of this test, operability is making absolutely, positively, 100% sure that our customers can get ahold of and engage with us.

The Spotlight Test is Your DIY Website Evaluation

You need a simple way to measure your website effectiveness.

Every business owner needs a User-Friendliness Testing Tool for their website.

How do you know for sure your website is working, or that it’s even capable of handling traffic as your business grows? 

Works Everywhere

With only 7 thoughtfully designed questions, this self-evaluation tool is intended for anyone, on any platform, to use.

Trusted Knowledge

Our team of accessibility experts will rate our recommendations based on the level of user experience (UX) impact.

Identify Obstacles

Today’s internet-savvy user has high expectations, and search engines reward websites that meet those expectations. 

What This Quiz WILL Tell You

  • Does your website work the way you THINK it does?
  • Does your website meet BASIC user-friendly standards?
  • Can your website handle an INCREASE in visitor traffic?
  • Is your website driving visitors AWAY?

What This Quiz WON'T Tell You

This test is NOT A DEEP DIVE. It’s only 7 questions, and cannot replace a proper evaluation. It’s intended to give you a super-quick, super-simple idea of the overall usability of your website. It touches only briefly on the visual design of your website. That means:


We aren’t evaluating how fancy your website is, or isn’t. We don’t care how much or how little you’ve paid for it – we only care that it WORKS.


We aren’t evaluating the platform you’re using, or which gidget goes where – because that won’t matter if a user can’t visit your website successfully.


We aren’t evaluating the design, messaging or content of your brand. This is the tool you use BEFORE you invest in paid campaigns or SEO.

Make no assumptions.

Of the top 1 million websites online today, 97% are considered NOT accessible friendly. That means only 3% of those websites ARE accessible friendly. Source

Don’t just assume your website is accessible, let alone usable. Before you run any expensive ads or other paid campaigns, be sure you’re not missing something critical.

Steph Sedgwick, web designer in Windsor NS, sitting on a bench beside a lake with grass and walking path in background.

Hey. I'm Steph.

Founder of Clarity Web Design Studio and with over a decade of web design/development and user experience expertise, I rebuild websites so they meet the requirements of today’s internet-savvy customer. In the constantly changing field of online websites, it is my mission to provide individuals and small businesses with a simple, reliable tool to assess their website and make sure it is capable of driving their business growth.


I’ve been hiding from fixing my website for long enough, this was a great way to get the ball rolling!

Kathy R.

The quiz was easy to navigate and exceptionally clear. It made me reassess the ease and user-friendliness of my website… something I haven’t looked at in a long time and had been taking for granted.

Kelsey M.

Nice quiz — quick and easy! It confirmed that our site needs work to meet user expectations.

Elena S.

Find out how your website stacks up.

Tech can be overwhelming, but as a business owner you need to be able to check in on your website. No matter how new or old your website is, it might not be doing your brand any favours – and in fact, it might even be actively hurting your business. Try our quick Quiz to make sure your website meets the most basic current standards.

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